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#AthensBuskAid Musicians & Singers Busking From Home To Fundraise For The Fire Victims Of Greece

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

The brainchild of violinist Georgio Elia, where numerous known artists will perform a series of short performances via their Facebook Live feeds seeking generous donations for the victims of the wildfires in Greece via a JustGiving Crowdfunding page.


Busking For Athens, Aid For The Fire Victims July / August 2018
#AthensBuskAid's First Performance By Violinist Georgio Elia | Flyer Designed By Helen Kotonias

Georgio Elia and friends will be performing a series of short performances via Facebook Live feeds seeking generous donations for the victims of the wildfires in Greece via a JustGiving Crowdfunding page. Please tune in, to be entertained by their online busking sessions performed by a number of known, working artists in support of the victims.

All money raised will be sent directly to the Hellenic Red Cross which is the biggest non-governmental organisation in Greece with a complex task that is based on voluntary work for direct response to the citizens.

As summer is often a busy time for all with events, holidays, childcare etc I knew it would be a hard task to arrange a concert at short notice to get musicians and artists together for a dedicated performance and fundraiser. I had this idea of a series of living room style intimate gig so artists would be able to use their talent to help a worthy cause by sparing 30 minutes of their free time in the comfort of their own home, and so #AthensBuskAid was created. - Georgio Elia

Georgio Elia is an experienced teacher and performer, he is a member of the very popular Diastello Function Band as well as a freelance solo artist for a range of events and recordings often travelling internationally. Georgio is passionate about music and charitable causes. For more information please visit Georgio's website:

To watch Georgio's Facebook Live feed if you missed it, you can can do so by clicking the link.

For any artists interested in taking part in the series, contact Georgio Elia or myself (Helen Kotonias) on Facebook, JustGiving or via our websites. A promo flyer will be created for you so that you can inform your fans. On the day, stream live via Facebook from your public page via your tablet, mobile phone or computer and share the feed on your personal profile and in groups that you are a member of to encourage people to tune in, 'like' and donate. You can track the progress of the appeal on this JustGiving page. Be sure to use the hashtag #AthensBuskAid when posting across all social media (be sure to check your account's privacy settings first and Facebook's terms & conditions regarding music copyrighted content).

If you wish to watch #AthensBuskAid by Praxis Entertainment Facebook Live on Thursday 16th August then click the link to view it. Paul Savvides aka DJ Funksy was in the mix and playing percussion, Pedro Leonidas on Violin and Valentino Antos on Bouzouki.

If you missed #AthensBuskAid by Angel accompanied by Georgio Elia on violin, click on the link. Angel can sing in both English and Greek and performs with musicians such as Diastello band. She also has original material released but has given you some insight into her gigging repertoire here. I especially like the medley finale.

Coming up next in the series of #AthensBuskAid is Kat Neocleous. Not only is Katerina a singer, but she's also a presenter on London Greek Radio and writes the weekly Music Column 'EXCLUSIVE' for Cypriot newspaper Parikiaki. To watch Kat busking to raise vital funds for Greece before Christmas, please tune into her live Facebook feed on the date / time stated:

Donating their time again we have Georgio Elia & Pedro Leonidas as a duo on violin. Not to be missed! Be sure to tune in to Georgio's live Facebook feed on the date / time stated:

We would like to thank Cypriot Newspaper Parikiaki for their support.

To donate, please do so via the same JustGiving link.

We welcome all companies and music / media outlets to repost and share the flyers and live feeds. Please do not alter the flyer in anyway by cropping or adding logos. Thank you for your support.

For more information on the wildfires of Greece and the support from the North London / Greater London communities have provided, please click on these hashtags to take you to the links #PrayForGreece and #AidForGreece. This blog post titled #AthensBuskAid has been created to keep you updated with the list of artists performing in this series, along with the dates and times. Please keep checking the JustGiving page too for the progress of the appeal.

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