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Peter Christianson the Founder of Greek City sadly passed away the early hours of this morning.

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

The Greek Cypriot Community mourn the loss of Peter Christianson as the news broke about his death. Coincidentally it rained all day today in North / North West London as heaven gained another angel.


On Thursday 9th August, the heavens opened and North London experienced heavy rain accompanied by thunder. We had up until this point been experiencing a heatwave with the odd passing warm shower but it was no coincidence that the somber change in weather and mood transpired as the news broke that the Greek Cypriot community lost a respected figure and influencer.

Peter Christian had been battling lung cancer for some time and at 2:30am this morning he passed away peacefully at Barnet Hospital - his good friend and work colleague Olympia Toumazides-Theodorou informed all on Facebook via a public post.

Peter was known for supporting emerging talent and encouraging the more mature to continue their passion. He would promote, singers, musicians, comedians and writers and held a string of successful concerts including one with Yiannis Parios and Haris Alexiou at the Royal Albert Hall.

Peter was the founder of Greek City, which originally opened in Green Lanes, Haringey in North London and moved to a few locations before recently of later years residing in Myddleton Road, Palmers Green. Peter was the first to bring Greek music and film to the UK and them put onto cassettes / VHS and later converted to CD / DVD. If there was a song or movie you wanted, he would endeavour to meet your request. Greek City was also somewhere you could collect box office tickets in person which many of the older generation preferred to do favouring social interaction over social media and online purchases.

It's about the community. - Peter Christianson

I remember last year showing Peter my cousin Thodoris Kotonias' music on iTunes, he loved his tone and material. He loved new discoveries and his passion for the world of entertainment remained strong til the end. The last time I saw Peter was the week before the bank holiday weekend in May earlier this year. He had just come back from holiday in Cyprus. He told me he was tired, tired of having treatment, tired of fighting cancer, he'd had enough. He was ready. I remember the same look in my mom's eyes and heard a similar phrase four years ago. He still greeted me with a warm smile and a huge hug standing up from his desk deep in work and he said he was pleased my colleague and I had dropped by. I believe Peter didn't loose his battle to cancer, I believe he decided when to exit this world. My condolences to Peter's family in Cyprus and to his close friends. Rest in peace and thank you for your service from the Greek / Cypriot community.

Peter's Funeral service to be held at 10am on Wednesday 22nd August 2018 at St. Demetrios Church, 2 Logan Rd, Edmonton, London N9 0LP. Everyone is welcomed. Peter did not have family in London, so musicians, singers and entertainers of the community are to sit in the first rows on the right hand side of the church. Peter will be buried in Lythrodondas in Cyprus on Wednesday 29th August at 4:30pm in his family grave as his wished.

After the service a 'Wake' will be held in the church hall - it is asked that flowers are not to be sent but instead to leave a donation as there will be a collection box and / or to contribute to the buffet by bringing a little something from; Hellenic Bakery in Myddleton Road, Aroma Patisserie in Palmers Green or Wiltons in Southgate, all situated in North London. The bakeries have been briefed what to give you if you inform them it's for Peter Christianson's Wake.

You are invited to talk about your fond memories of Peter at the church but please be mindful of time and keep it short and sweet. The priest requires a list of speakers in advance so please send an email including your name and contact details to Olympia via:

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